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"Writing was the conduit to  better understanding myself... my stories are permission slips allowing others to share in my experiences and live their similar truths..." 

Natima Sheree, Queen Pen


A native of New York City, and best known for my role as Rosie in the 1994 cult classic film FRESH, I am now starring in the greatest role of my life – inspiring, influencing and championing greatness in others.


By profession I am a corporate citizen, speaker and consultant. A mother of two beautiful girls, Authorpreneur and self-proclaimed Book Enthusiast by passion!

A lover of literature and an advocate for independent authors, I am dedicated to aiding writers, authors and content creators in sharing their stories and literary gifts with the world.



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"Natima's love for books, words and reading is highly motivating. She made me want to read again and reignited by love for books. Her book reviews are so funny and inspirational”

Lisa Bradley

"I was the weird girl in school because I always had a book. The pretty girls were popular and the book worms were... well NOT! Words Matter, LLC changed all that. Natima Sheree is a fashionista, SheEO, a woman of character and SHE READS! 

Javon Frazier

“I've always loved to read and was excited to connect with Natima Sheree and her bookclub. She represents the fun and exciting book worms and word nerds of the world.”

Angela Lemon


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