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Author. Speaker. Podcaster. Radio Host

A lover of literature and a Gem Coach for independent authors, I am passionate about aiding writers, and content creators in developing and publishing their stories. A storyteller and published author myself, I often enjoy putting down the pen and picking up the mic to impart substantive content and action-inducing exhortation. 

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Signature Topics 

  • Aligning Your Purpose, Passion & Profession

  • S.A.V.A.G.E Healing Journey

  • Mastering the 10x10x10 Routine  

  • Relationships & Relatability 

  • A.B.L.E (Average Beginnings Legacy Endings) 

  • Resilient and Relentless EntreprenHERship

Podcast Interviews, Hosting Appearances, Keynote Speaker, Correspondent, Workshop Facilitator, Panelist, Moderator & More...

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Audience Stats

85% Women 

35 - 55 Ages 

Entrepreneurship, Relationships, Personal Development, Women Empowerment. 

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