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For some books are calculated and collected information, facts, thoughts, opinions, experiences, etc. but for me, it's all about the composition of words. I am a lover of words, and my affinity for books is a default or conclusion of that love. Books, for me is the conduit and culvert to which I escaped my reality as a child. Although I didn't I have the most horrific or damaging childhood, it did have its moments that my books helped me to escape.

Books provided a perspective that my limited experiences couldn't provide. It allowed me to see the world beyond St. Albans, Jamaica Queens where I was born and raised. Through books I met characters and the men and women who authored them... for me it was extension of family, friends and contacts.

Books have always been an important part of my life; it helped me to build and foster relationships with like minded people. Books gave me the tools, courage and permission to be who I am today.

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